Traversing the human body in Fantastic Voyage

The cheesy, but highly entertaining 1966 film (starring Raquel Welch) about a submarine crew which is miniaturized and injected into a patient in order to clear a blood clot in his brain is scheduled for a remake.

James Cameron is producing this film, but he is focusing on directing the Avatar sequels so he’s handed the directorial reigns of the remake of The Fantastic Voyage to Shawn Levy, director of Real Steel.

The film wil be a big-budget 3-D spectacular. In an interview with Collider, an energized Levy revealed that the film will be “tactile and hands-on” you will get out of the boat and take “free dives in the [human] body with real full-scale underwater sets.”

The script is still being written, and Levy is scheduled on several films, including a new version of Frankenstein, so Fantastic Voyage may be in dry dock awhile before it truly sets sail.

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  1. Skip Broome

    I think the prequel to Forbidden Planet should be titled PLANET FALL

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