Cast of the TV series Lost in Space

It looks like Lost in Space—over fifty years after the classic 1960s tv series first aired—has been picked up by Netflix as a new series. Deadline describes it as “an epic but grounded science fiction saga focusing on a young explorer family from earth lost in an alien universe.”

This has been a passion project for executive producer Kevin Burns for years—and he seems to have a penchant for finding “lost” things, one of his other tv shows is the reality series The Curse of Oak Island, which focuses on an amateur group of treasure hunters trying to find a mythical buried treasure on the Atlantic coast.

Attached to the series are writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, of Dracula Untold fame, and director Neil Marshall, writer/director of the creepy horror film The Descent, as well as episodes of Game of Thrones and Constantine.

Hopefully, everyone involved will avoid the mistakes of the terrible 1998 film version of Lost in Space, which probably killed off any desires for further remakes for a full decade.

And here’s some trivia about the original series:

  • The opening score was composed by John Williams, who started out in television before becoming the renowned composer of films like Star Wars and Jaws.
  • The robot was designed by Robert Kinoshita, the same man who created the famous “Robby the Robot” for 1956’s Forbidden Planet.
  • The actor who played the robot quickly became tired of the hot and heavy costume. For close-ups, he wore only the top of the robot and no “pants”— so to speak. This can occasionally be spotted in the final series.
  • The original series was produced by Irwin Allen. Famous for science fiction tv shows like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants and The Time Tunnel. He also helped define the modern disaster film, producing classics like The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno.
  • Angela Cartwright, the teenage female star, is the younger sister of Veronica Cartwright, a horror and scifi fixture in her own right who has appeared in countless films and tv episodes, including The Birds, Alien, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) and The X-Files.

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