Consider it a Challenge to Watch All of the Best Science Fiction Films…

What you’ll find here is a list of 100 great science fiction films with short reviews and fascinating trivia. My hope is that you will get excited about some films you haven’t heard of — or haven’t seen in awhile—and that you will watch them, talk about them and keep them alive in the world. You’ll find no spoilers, just boiled down info of what the films are about, interesting trivia about how they were made and how audiences received them when they were released.

Of course, this list spans decades of great science fiction—so beware, films from the 50s and 60s sometimes present social ideas, use specials effects, or are paced in ways that seem laughable by today’s standards. Be gentle and pay attention to the stories—if you have a taste for sci-fi then you will find some great treasures.

And lastly, please enjoy! Vote and comment on your favorite films! This list will never be final. New films will be added as amazing new films are released, and films will slip down the list if they don’t hold up over time. Check back, leave your ideas and find some great science fiction films!

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What is this site considering science fiction? These are the qualities I’m seeking:

  • Science or Technology that does not currently exist, like time travel or teleportation by machine
  • Aliens or other things from outer space
  • Interplanetary Space Travel
  • Robots and cyborgs, especially ones with Artificial Intelligence
  • Anything set in the future, including post-apocalyptic films
  • Monsters which are either alien species, or are due to some sort of scientific mutation or mishap

These are the things I’m avoiding:

  • Mythical or magical creatures that are not based in science, like: Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, Possessed Puppets, Witches, Angels, Demons, Trolls, Unicorns (except for Blade Runner)
  • Ghosts and spirits
  • Magic or special powers (as opposed to scientifically-enhanced), including mind-reading, telekinesis, invisibility and so on…
  • Pretty much any superhero based on a comic book series

Now read the list!

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I hope you enjoy it!