Queen of Blood is a silly film, the perfect fodder for a few beers and goofy commentary from your drunken pals. It is also a nexus for Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon fans.
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This album looks amazing: the cover looks like the ‘Encounter’ restaurant built at the LAX airport in 1962. The composer, Frank Comstock, wrote the themes to Dragnet, Happy Days and the Disney Main Street Electrical Parade … More

Imagine the storylines of Star Wars and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark as graphs of the various characters’ movements, from planet to planet — or continent to continent — then take a gander at these amazing posters! … More

The cheesy, but highly entertaining 1966 film (starring Raquel Welch) about a submarine crew which is miniaturized and injected into a patient in order to clear a blood clot in his brain is scheduled for a remake. … More