An amazing real trailer for an imaginary live action version of Akira

Like Akira? Well you may like this too — a live action trailer for an imaginary version of this legendary animated film.

Two guys in Canada (not Kaneda) were having beer one night and decided it would be fun to create a movie trailer showing off how cool an Akira movie could be…and they were right!

This is a fan project, put together with donations from the public and lots of pure fan love.

Read our review of Akira.

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One thought on “AKIRA: Trailer for an Imaginary Live Action Movie

  1. Loren Montespino

    Wait, this is NOT a real trailer for a real movie???!!! Well someone needs to take notice and make it happen now! That was utterly awesome!! I’ve seen worse trailers for REAL movies… Congrats to those involved in making this a reality; superb work!

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