Matt Damon and Sharlto Copley shoot it out in Elysium

Most of the details are still top secret, but District 9 director Neill Blomkamp has finishing filming his second big science fiction film, Elysium. Now the hard work of creating the visual effects begins and many effects companies will be burning the midnight oil up until the release of the film, slated for March 2013.

Here is the writer/director’s cryptic quote on the film, “It’s totally original, it’s my own story … It’s set on another planet, but it’s cool. It’s violent, very violent, and very unique hopefully. We’ll see.”

His producer, Simon Kinberg, gave a few mysterious clues as well, “I can’t tell you about the content of Elysium but I can tell you, it won’t really be… it’s a very different movie than anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s not necessarily an alien movie.”

All that is known is that the film takes place one hundred years in the future on a distant planet ruled by a character played by Jodie Foster — apparently it will be filled with technological gadgets and, like District 9, touch on socio-political issues.

The film stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley— who you will remember as the mostly human star of District 9. 

‘Elysium’ is a Greek word referring to an afterlife reserved for the righteous, heros and those chosen by the Gods, so how this mixes with a violent other planet could be quite interesting.


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  1. jim

    Matt damon? really? what a way to ruin what could be a good movie, hes freaking terrible.

  2. matthew bellah

    yeah he’s doing voice-over work for insurance commercials now. go, integrity.

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